Is VEXNet Required for the World Championship?

I was wondering whether VEXNet is required for the VEX World Championship in Dallas.

<R10> Robots must ONLY utilize the VEXnet system for all robot communication.
a. VEX 75Mhz Crystal Radios are prohibited.

**Small Event Rule Modifications
(teams might be allowed too)

a. Utilize the VEX 75 Mhz Crystal Radio Transmitter & Receiver instead of or in conjunction with
the VEXnet 802.11g Wireless link.

I would say Yes

The answer is yes!

If you read the registration page for the World Championship, it states VEXNet.

but since its being back ordered and nobody can get them even thought they need them, would that rule still apply?
i know its kinda lame but the waiting list for vexnet is at least over 100
and they kinda take a while to ship too… (2+ months for us)
because if they stay at their pace, some teams might not get their modules before the world championships
hope someone looks into this and does somthing about it
(make them “in stock”)
(let crystals be allowed)

John V-N of VEX recently posted that a container full of product, including VEXnet upgrades, was delayed in shipping and will be in soon.

As of right now, they are back in stock. :slight_smile:

I hope the batteries come in soon.