Is VexNet Required?

I was wondering if vexnet was required for the 2010 Vex World Championship in Dallas.

i think you WILL need it
but our team just recently qualified and it was “out of stock” when we tried ordering one
and people were saying that it was “back ordered” for at least a month
and our welcome kits took 3 months to get here too…
hope we get vexnet before dallas
is there an OFFICIAL answer because most teams want to get vexnet but couldnt

We tried ordering it online, and when it wouldn’t let us, we called them. They said that you had to phone order it. I don’t know when it’ll arrive, but from what I’ve heard, it is required at Dallas.

VexNet IS required at world championships in Dallas, Texas. This is mainly due to the convience that comes with using VexNet. Then they do not have to worry about interference or getting crystals back.

If VexNet is required, I suppose teams that haven’t used it yet may have some problems. I’m not sure if the VexNet is a beta but my team had some on & off problems with it. Overall it is great.