Is WD-40 Legal for VEX ITZ?

I was wondering if WD-40 Legal for VEX ITZ

I don’t believe so, as aerosol lubricants are not allowed in VRC

If you can get some in a non aerosol form I don’t see why not, but I’ve always seen it in an aerosol can.

Nope. Go with white lithium grease for plastic parts and something else for metal parts

As an alternative though, you can use the grease from bacon, my team has done this and it smells nice too.

Legal or not, it gets sticky, don’t use it as a lubricant.

Lard (pig fat) is a great lubricant. It is also free if you eat bacon, and who does not eat bacon unless you are a practicing Jew or Muslim? Wow, think about that for a minute. Jews and Muslims agree on something. World Peace anyone?

WD40 comes in non-spray forms like 1 gallon cans and 50 gallon drums.

But I would not advise using it, WD40 will eat and/or soften certain plastics.

My team uses white lithium based lubricants for almost everything. The only exception is pneumatic cylinders where we use specialized pneumatic lubricant.

Non aerosol WD-40 is legal. You can buy it various places. Here’s a nice shop that has it: