Is WD40 allowed on robots?

Hello there,

I was wondering whether WD40 is allowed to be sprayed on robots…


From <R7e>:

If your WD-40 fits the rules, you’d be fine. Basically, you’ll need to make sure you don’t get an aersol WD-40.

Do they make that???

I would be cautious with WD40, as it can congeal after a while, gumming things up more than it helps. I’ve seen sliders get stuck because of it.

We have been using that and it is fine. It helps a lot with double slider on oir A team’s elevator and our scissor’s slider.

We use lithium grease. It seems to work a lot better than WD-40, which only helps for about 10-20 minutes before sticking again. The only annoying part is wiping off the grease if we take apart the robot, but of course, that happens with all lubricants :frowning:

Quick Tip: Don’t take apart your robots :smiley: