Is WD40 allowed?

Is WD40 allowed? My team and I are making a lift for the stars that slides, and it does not move well. Are we allowed to use WD40 to make it slick to help it go up and down, or will we have to polish all the steel bits it and hope it works?

Yes, see <R7e>:


white grease may be a better choice for the linear slides

Don’t use WD40 though you will just be counterproductive. Use some white lithium grease. Also the linear slides should be pretty smooth on their own, perhaps you have an alignment issue?

Make sure it is non aerosol WD-40. The normal version is aerosol based but there is a non aerosol version sold.

There is also a lube called SuperLube. I got on Amazon and it works great!

I would say dont use wd-40 as it corrodes some plastics and is made of a rust remover, not a lubricant. I reccommend whit lithium grease, you find it evetywhere, and its muxh better for the plastic parts

No it will screw your robot up, i tried it once… never saw it again