Is your team/school competing this year

I am curious to see where other people stand towards competing this season. As this season may still occur but there will be many limitations causing an abnormal seasons and different competitive atmosphere. There is so many other productive things to do such as cybersecuirty, CTF, exercising, working, learning new skills. Are you willing to deal with an abnormal seasons filled with many precautions or will simply not compete to save the hassle of dealing with the restrictions.

  • I am competing
  • I am not competing
  • Waiting for more information

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I intend to compete but i’m wondering if the season will even be held. but if it is then i have to look to see if any competitions will be held in my state if so then i will compete

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its not really possible to say at this point in time whether or not we’ll see normal events in the us by the end of the season. Many teams will probably be competing in one way or another, through online challenges or virtual skills events, but not the usual way.


So far my school is not letting us compete, but I am waiting on more information

If the situations stay the same as they are now, I’m not gonna compete. Risking other people’s lives just to compete is too big a risk in my opinion.


I already have my bot built, so if my school says we’re not competing, I’m probably just gonna buy the parts for the bot, and the extra parts in my box, from them and make an independent team.


Virtual skills may always be an option but even then many students who come from a public school may not have the funds or space to have a field at home. Hopefully they release more information soon rather then later as schools open.

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We are still waiting. I hope we will be able to.
I will do whatever is best. We are trying to make prototypes for this season and CADing our old robot for TT but all we can do is wait. Stay safe.