ISO: Used Perimeter Kit and Tiles

We are looking for a used perimeter and tiles to use at home. Our son is a freshman in high school and is obsessed with VEX and wants to work at home on his robot., as the lab at school is only open a few hours each week. If anyone is aware of a used field out there, please let me know. Thinking that maybe there are schools or other organizations that no longer have programs might have one available. Thanks for reading!

consider building your own perimeter using plywood and PVC tubes - there are instructions on the VEX product page (If I remember correctly). Also, a good project for a freshman to learn how to build to specifications.

As for field tiles, you can approach Event Partners to see if they are willing to give tiles, or loan perimeters during pandemic - a lot of EPs have reduce ability to host events at facilities that restrict access to outside visitors.

good luck!


Thanks. If you come across those instructions, send me the link. I’m looking but haven’t found it yet

Lots of useful links here: VEX Robotics Competition - REC Foundation


What region do you live in? I don’t have a field to sell but people here often do and closer is much easier.


Located in Nebraska but would travel to pick up