Issue with Application for VAIC


Not sure who should I be addressing this to.

I am having problem with submitting the application for High School VAIC for my team.

And btw, I am from 8059, from Singapore.

When i clicked submit, the system will insist that I will need to declare the Region that I am from.
But yet at the same time, the State/Province is greyed out and I couldn’t select it at all.

Is anyone else facing this same issue?
I am hoping that I won’t missed the boat in submitting the application for my team.


Probably your RECF RSM or maybe Jim Crane?

We have the same issue for the UK so we have raised this with the RECF.

We don’t exactly have RSM in Singapore… just an EP that’s all.
And he tried and faced the same issue too.

Then Jim Crane might be a good go to person…
also if it a technical configuration on you can email


Hi Meng!

I believe Crystal Zhang is the RSM for Singapore (and all of the Asia Pacific region).


Good to know we are not alone :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the link-up!!

Ok… will try to contact her. And hopefully she will forget all the grief that i have given her all these years. lol…


We adults all cause some form of grief to our RSM every season, sometimes we do not make it easy on them. With that, I truly am grateful for the hard work all RECF RSM put to support all the teams globally. In good times, they are awesome making sure events are run smoothly despite erratic EPs such as myself. They connect organizations, large and small, to opportunities to grow their programs, and assure new and existing teams are connected with their communities. They are the forward face of RECF and all too often we blow steam in their direction that is misguided. I also want to acknowledge the internal operational staff of the RECF that assures operations continue and always try to find an answer - from can you change that team from MS to HS, or where are event checks after all public school buildings are shut down and no one thought to figure out who will check for mail!

So with that, I want to give a big thanks to the whole RECF organization for rolling out a pilot program for VEX AI to give all our teams something to connect to intellectually during the hugely challenging times of uncertainty. This is a pilot year with a huge amount of unknowns - but what is known is you can count on your RECF RSM! They are there for all the teams - the answers may not always be what you wanted, and some conversations more difficult than others, but they are out there to support all teams (even annoying ones from my school…)

I expect the conversations on the forum will help develop a clear direction for VAIC - a pilot year is meant to identify gaps - and it will be a while before teams/events are approved for pilot season. Clearly, there is a lot of interest.

@DanMantz (plz relay to RSM)


Just thought of updating everybody.

Apparently the site is not ready for international teams registration… yet (hopefully).

The Asia-Pacific RSM is aware of the issue and i heard she has raised this issue with RECF as well.

Even as an inaugural season, i certainly hope RECF will be including the international teams to be part of it.


Fun fact, she’s also the Admin on the Chinese VEX Forum.


Both Crystal Zhang and Jason Kang support Asia Pacific countries as REC Foundation RSMs. Andy Lee also provides Sales support to APAC countries outside on mainland China.

Jim Crane is the RECF Director of Global Competition and Strategic Initiatives. He is responsible for supporting all the REC Foundation international programs through the staff assigned to each non US country.

You can always click on your Country / US State on the map to get the RECF RSM contact information for your area.




Hi all,

everything has been resolved.
And thanks to Crystal and Andy for reaching out and resolving the issue.

We have just submitted our application for HS VAIC :slight_smile:


Cool! Even though I won’t be doing VAIC, I’m so excited to see all the amazing teams competing!