Issue with Camera\Object Count block (block project)

Morning. I recently inherited a bunch of old preassembled PLTW robots. Pretty simple. Two motors, a camera, and a brain. I have been updating firmware and want to test the function of all the hardware.

Have never used VexCode before and am not a programmer, but wanted to create a simple block project to verify all of the components were working.

It’s pretty simple. Touch the touchscreen and the robot starts slowly spinning in a circle, printing the object count on the screen. When the object count is greater than 1, it breaks a loop and does a thing.

The issue is that the object count never returns anything other than a 0. Ever.

I have calibrated the camera in VexCode. It detects the object there.

If I go into devices and test the camera it detects the object there as well.

When I run the code? Returns zero all day long.

Again, it’s a block project, but here is the relevant snippet of code that VEXCode V5 generated:

while len(vexcode_vision_3_objects) == 0:
    brain.screen.set_cursor(2, 1)
    brain.screen.print(len(vexcode_vision_3_objects), precision=6 if vexcode_brain_precision is None else vexcode_brain_precision)
    wait(5, MSEC)

Why does vexcode_vision_3_objects = 0? Does this variable not get updated to be the number of objects in the camera’s view? If not, what is the ‘object count’ block even for?

Oh, and the ports were all correctly set up in the project.