Issue with field cad


I am having trouble uploading and opening the field cad file. When i upload the file it seems like it is going well.
However, when i open the file, it opens chrome and just sits on this page.
I left it open last night, and it still hasn’t moved at all. Has anyone else had this issue before? Thanks in advance.

I would try unzipping the file before uploading it

If is do that i get this file:
When i go to upload it in fusion 360, it doesn’t show up.

When you try to upload it, there should be a dropdown (in the file explorer) that shows what file type you are looking for, and i think that’s why its not showing up. Just make that either .STP or “all files”


I loaded in the unzipped file, but when i go to open it it give me this error:

oh ok, I dont use fusion so I have no idea what the problem could be, but I guess you could try redownloading the file. Good luck fixing it tho

See if this tutorial helps

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