Issue with my teams V5 Battery

Hi y’all my team has a battery that isn’t working and I’m not sure what to try next.

When I press the power button of the battery there is no indicator showing any life and I assumed that the battery was just completely drained so I left it to charge.

24 Hours later I checked the battery and still no signs of life

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance

if you plug it into a brain, does it work?

Maybe leave on charge for another day or so. But I’d place it somewhere fireproof…

Others that know more than me can chime in on the pro/con of pushing the reset button on the battery. I would NOT press it until I heard from someone that knows what’s up.

Pushing the reset button is the last resort, and this sounds like one of those times.

Leaving on charge longer won’t help if the LEDs are not flashing when plugged into the charger.