Issue with RobotC Debug Stream

I’m having an issue with the debug stream coming up blank while testing my Arduino and Cortex communication.

I’m using jpearman’s code he posted a while ago for Cortex-Arduino Communication.

Here is a photo of the Debug Stream:

Here is the section of code where the debug statements are used:

VexDataPrint( vexdata  *v )
    int  i;
    char  str[4];
      sprintf(str, "%02X ", v->buffer*);


If anyone could point me in the direction to what the issue might be, that’d be greatly appreciated!*

Did you turn debug on?

If not, uncomment the line of code near the beginning of the file.

//#define DEBUG   1

Remove the “//”

I only sent data to the debug stream if this was defined.

                // comapare checksums
                if( v->data.checksum == c )
                    // Good data
#ifdef  DEBUG
                    VexDataPrint( v );
                    serialRxDecode( v );

Otherwise, it’s probably not the code, check the cables etc.

Just uncommented that bit. It worked! Didn’t know how I didn’t see it before. Thanks!