Issue with the VEX organisation of our country

I would like to know how the different types of VEX organisations work, because we have some difficulties to differentiate the role of VEX units in our country.

How or who decides about the organisation of Regional events and Championships (qualifiers for Worlds) of a region or a country, things like the conditions of the event, number of divisions, the qualifying spots and venue locations?

Should/could there be another VEX entity that acts as a bridge between the Event Partner and the Regional Manager of the area? If this last entity is required, who decides which units or people consolidate it?

Thank you!

To help answer that, we would need to know which country you are in.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @SARU09!

This website has sources that should help you get a better answer from your ‘local’ support representative.
Contact Us (

For regional events with world qualifications, I believe the Regional Support Manager (RSM) helps to coordinate that but often times, there is an organization or group that takes the lead (Pennsylvania (east) for example gets helps from lots of clubs but is mostly hosted by Great Valley School District and Vexmen Robotics club). The hosting group coordinates with the RSM for event running for everything in your second paragraph of questions. (PA as an example again has a High School host with support of volunteers, equipment and other things from other clubs around the state. The Event Partner (EP) then works more with the RSM on the team volume, etc.)

The Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF) coordinates qualification spots for worlds. I believe the ‘local’ Event Engagement Manager (EEM) takes the lead on communicating this with the RSM and local EPs. RECF knows how many teams are at worlds, where they’re coming from, etc. and they distribute spots accordingly. (lots found here: Qualifying Criteria for VIQC, VRC, and VEX U Events – REC Library (

I agree with @calvc01 that to help answer your question better, we need to know more about you. What region/country you are from, and what program you are in (IQ Elementary/Middle, VRC Middle/High, VexU).

Note: I am new to the EP scene, competitor for 9 years (now VexU) so if anyone notices that I said something wrong, please let me know. This is all from how I understand things. @Foster I think I answered everything but you know A LOT about events (especially in developing regions) so you might have some to add.


@calvc01 is right, your country / region is key

@Max_Johnson03 is correct, key groups jump up to run things like regional championships. So in South East PA, the VEXMen offer the lead.

In Delmarva, the BrandywineBOTS are running this years VRC champs for HS and MS. They have a venue that has a limited size, so teams need to win their way into the event (and this is the case with 99% of the other events). The last slots are filled by skills rankings.

We write proposals for the events. Venue, fields, cost, hours, etc are all a part of it. RECF managers from the area look at the proposals and pick the best. So as an EP with a visible event, it’s a balance between cost and value. (I got shot down over inside fireworks, it was only $70 more per team for the fireworks and another $200 per team for the insurance I thought it would be cool, but there you go.)

No, adding a layer of people is not worth it. But, plugging the over worked / under paid / Ben Mitchell and Dan Troy in the US Atlantic, having more of them spread out so they cover less area is 1000% worth it. Having people second guess them isn’t worth it.

We would all like to see more events that feed into State / Regional events. I’m off to an event this week that had me begging the EP to run it. Some place we got the “must be 128 teams, two live music acts, etc” to make it worth while. I want to see smaller events but more often. I’m all about the inspiration, the iteration and the learning at the competitions. So I want to see more events, not “signature style” events. Part of VEX is the low cost, it’s hard to pitch a program with $1500 in parts and $28,000 in event fees.


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