Issue with VEX/RECF Certifications

I’m trying to take a few of the various training/certification courses on, but I’m running into an issue. When I try to take the Unit Exam for a unit, instead of seeing a unit exam, I see this:

Is this the intended behavior of the website? If so, why? If not, how do I fix it?


@DRow, when you get a chance might you be able to help?

[I would like an answer, so I’m refloating this]

Drow works daylight Texas hours on things like this, maybe Monday works for you?

Monday works fine for me :slight_smile:


Yep the imedicey of the Internet connecting us to the one guy that can fix it M-F 8-4. :roll_eyes:

While you are here until Monday, what are you using the certificates for? I’m using them to convince Department of Education that these are valid training hours.

I want the privilege to print out a piece of paper with my name on it that says that I know stuff.

Also access to the hidden forum threads, but that’s secondary.


They are pretty boring. I have nice paper, gold seals and color ink.

All hear this cry that this is is to certify that Master Taran Mayer has reached the level of Tenth Spur, the highest knowledge of gears. All hail his wisdom 18 day of April year of,our Master Builder 2021.

$17 paper $22 parchment, 3 day shipping. Signing in goats blood is $10 more,


…you good man?


Oh, just by the way, the certification test loads fine on my phone.

This would be more of an education team thing. Perhaps @jmckenna

Renaissance faire speak, you can get certificates for anything you want in “Old English” phrasing on parchment paper. I was offering to make you one. Signing with a red sharpie is free, but with the ever popular upgrade of getting it signed with goats blood. (Not really, just a quill pen in some red ink)

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We’re taking a look into the issue. We can’t replicate the issue on our end, but we’re digging into the backend to see what might be the issue.


It appears to have started working all of a sudden

Ah - the moment someone takes a look at it, the bug goes away. Classic.


Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 9.45.14 AM



I believe EPs need to be 21 and above (or 18 and above)…

also, you need to have background check and approved by RECF to run events…

But glad you know all the stuff EPs need to know…

It’s 18 and up - you would know this if you paid attention to the course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes… t’was making a meme. The point is that I, despite my astounding qualifications, am not an event partner. In the original meme, Buscemi walks into a high school trying to pass as a high schooler with his skateboard (the EP certification here) and says, “How do you do fellow kids”, thinking wrongly that him having the skateboard and acting in that manner made him appear as a “fellow child” to the students at the school.

It was an attempt at humor. I am clearly not an event partner, and I’m walking into the area with all of the event partners with my fancy paper and jokingly acting like that makes me one of the EPs, in the spirit of the original meme.

You see, it really isn’t funny when you have to explain it.


good humor - me pain :slight_smile:

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