Issues communicating with RobotC

Our microcontroller isn’t connecting to the laptop we’re using for our program. The lights indicate a connection has been made and my computer has all of the drivers for the system as well as registering the microcontroller as a connected device yet RobotC is saying it can’t establish a link. It does this with the joystick too. What are we to do?

Check the cortex is seen by Windows, go into the device manager and make sure that it shows up under “Ports”. If you don’t see the cortex there then reinstall the drivers. You didn’t say if you were trying to connect directly to the cortex using the A-A cable or through the joystick using the programming kit. If using the programming kit then connect the cortex and joystick using the A-A cable and avoid the VEXnet keys to start with.

Make sure you have downloaded the RobotC firmware.

Perform a “software inspection” (robot->advanced menu) and post the output here if you can.

There’s more information here on the RobotC wiki.

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