Issues with Bot

We have been struggling all year with our robot “freezing” up. What happens is during a competition match or even during class when we aren’t tethered up to the tower our robot will, without our control, continue running the motors. At first we thought it was connection issues so we have changed out keys, controllers, tether for partner controller and even got a new cortex. None of which helped the situation, all lights on robot and controllers are green while it happens. We have also replaced all motor controllers and motors, still no difference. After those changes I thought it might be static from the field, because it would happen most often near the walls and interation between robots, so we have been spraying Static Spray on it before we go on the field. That worked for a few days but yesterday at our competition it happened and cost us the opportunity to go to the Finals. We are all out of ideas for things that we could change and/or fix. Has anyone else encountered this issue or know of a solution?

Try pushing in the vex transmitter as far in as it can go in and tape it to the cortex once it is in all the way.

We have a rubber band holding it in tightly, so I don’t think that is the issue…

Change transmitters?

Done that too… We have tried quite a bit already

Change everything related to cortex

Are you using IME’s? The encoders that are screwed to the back of the motors.

This happened to us as well. Even multiple times in a single match. At our last competition, there were almost no matches that this didn’t happen. We realized that it happened whenever our robot touched any metal, whether it was the wall or any other robot. Luckily, we figured out during the competition that there is a way to gain control again when you are connected to a tower. You have to unplug the controller and just plug it back in. Even though I think this is illegal, the refs don’t notice and even when I brought up this problem, they let the match continue causing us to lose multiple times. The refs didn’t do anything about this problem until the second match of the finals, where we replayed the match where the problem still continued. It’s not a permanent solution but it’s good to know for when you are in a match. I’m not sure if there is a way to fix it when not connected to a tower except to turn off the robot and controller and reconnect. My friend thinks that it is due to static as well but we are not 100% sure.

Yes we are

Try unplugging the IME’s and running the robot without them. I’ve seen robots just cut out and lose connection because of them.