Issues with bumpers

I’m trying to use the driver control program with the Armbot IQ and found some issues. The bumpers don’t perform the required movement limit as they don’t affect the shoulder or elbow motors. These motors are connected as the drive motors (ports 1 and 6) and the bumpers are connected to ports 2 and 9 which are to control other motors per your instruction booklet so there is no limiting on the shoulder or elbow movement. Where do I need to connect the bumpers to control M1 and M6? There’s no indication anywhere. Additionally there is an error in your instruction booklet as it says the bumper in ports 8 or 9 controls motor M4 but this is not correct as it controls M10. Please clarify

Hi Josper,

We sincrely apologize for the delay, and we are sorry that you have encountered this issue. After investigating this issue, we have confirmed that the default ports assigned in the Armbot IQ building instructions do not enable the Bumper Switches to work. We are currently working corrections to the Armbot IQ building instructions to rectify this error.

To help resolve this issue in the mean time, you can utilize the Bumper Switch functionality in the Armbot IQ by changing the port assignments. Please move the devices to the following locations:

Port 2: Touch LED
Port 3: Bottom Bumper Switch
Port 4: Shoulder Motor
Port 5: Claw Motor
Port 8: Distance Sensor
Port 9: Top Bumper Switch
Port 10: Elbow Motor
Port 11: Base Motor

To control the Armbot IQ, the following Controller button channels will be used:

L▲▼: Elbow Motor
R▲▼: Shoulder Motor
E▲▼: Base Motor
F▲▼: Claw+ Motor


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