Issues with Color Sensor being detected by Brain

Having some issues with color sensors. I’m a little new to this, so maybe I’m missing something.

All firmware is up to date on all brains.

Color sensor is not being detected ports 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12.
Different color sensor, same brain, same result all ports.
Same color sensor, different brain, same result all ports.
New cables, same result all ports.
The color sensor is the only thing connected to the brain for all tests.

I retrieved a new color sensor (right out of the box), and it was recognized as needing an update. Installed update. No longer recognized on any brain. See above.

I’ve been looking for about an hour and haven’t found where in VexOS I can force a reinstall of the current version of the software, as that would be my next step.