Issues with Drivetrain Motor Locking

Okay… I got a problem.

Today in Robotics we changed out a shaft because it wouldn’t stay in the motor. And it was staying in the motor. Nothing was wrong with the motor or the port, and the cord wasn’t damaged. All I had done was change it back to arcade mode because the team driver preferred arcade over tank… and I programmed it the same way I had before. When the robot is on, but not in a mode, I can turn the sprocket and hear the motor indicate the shaft is all the way in. However, if I put it in drive, only 1 motor will work (that motor being the opposite motor with no issues that has worked since the beginning). If I put it on programming, neither motor will work. The motor on the right always locks up. The robot is going to tech support, so I may not get to compete tomorrow. But I wondered if anybody had an idea of what was wrong.

C. Rhineheart
9545C Team

Go into the brain directly, via the touchscreen.

In there you can turn on the motor manually, adjust speed, and change direction. This will confirm the motor actually works.

After that… you need to post your code.

And paragraph breaks are all our friends.