Issues with generated drivetrain code and Partner Controller

I recently switched our teams to using VexCode V5 Text for their code, and have found the graphical Robot Configuration tool very useful. We have been linking the controller to the drivetrain with this tool, and then using the code that’s generated for driving the robots.

However, we have been running into problems as soon as we add in a partner controller. As soon as that second controller is added with the graphical tool, the generated code for Controller1 disappears in the robot-config.cpp file. If I configure the drivetrain on Controller2, it generates the code for that controller as well as adding the Controller1 code back to the config file.

Most of our teams only want 1 controller to manage the drivetrain, so would prefer not to configure it for the partner controller.

Is this intentional behavior, or did I discover an issue with the app?

For the time being, I’ll have my teams configure their partner controllers directly in main.cpp with this being added to the top:

controller Controller2 = controller(partner);

However, would prefer to keep all of our controller configs in one place if at all possible.

You can edit the robot-config files by enabling the expert preferences.

To get there, click the project name (top center) and then enable the bottom two lines

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