Issues with intaking and stacking

Hello. I am currently having issues with intaking cubes (the motors overheat and it contacts the high part of the cube) and stacking (rollers get in the way) I am using longest flaps, 100rpm motors, and a flip down that makes the compression 100% set with a stopper. Do you have any ideas?

Can we get a picture of your tilter/intake system? Most teams have intake rollers that flex out when the tilter comes up.


20191022_074215 20191022_074228

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It flip down then locks on the other screw for compression

if its locking on a screw, then it might not be as effective because at some times (intaking cube) you dont want to have the same amount of compression as when you’re just holding 8-11 cubes in your tray. if we were to quantify it (random scale here) and ur compressing at 50% when intaking, then you would certainly want to be at 80% when you have the cubes already intake-d because the only goal is to hold all your cubes in.

the way to achieve this is to have it not lock, and passively change how much it squeezes down on the cube. try to watch a couple videos of teams who do compression very well and construct an idea of your own that fits your bot.

the thing with intakes is that its pretty impossible to hole count exactly because it needs to fit your specific measurements of your bot and be specific to the way your bot works. good luck!


Alright, Ill try it. Thanks!