Issues with Integrated Encoder Motors with Vex Cortex

I’ve been attempting to use these motors for about three weeks to a month now and have yet to get them to work. I’ve seen previous posts on this forum about them but none have helped. I understand these motors tend to have issues but I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. I have them daisy chained correctly, they aren’t broken, and I’ve been using ROBOTC sample code with them. Despite all this, the motors still always return with an encoder value of 0. Even after letting these things run and spin for minutes the value doesn’t change. Is there anything I can do to fix this? These things are crucial to my group’s robot and I’m beyond stumped. Has anyone else encountered this issue or have any suggestions for solutions? Thank you.

How have you verified this?

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I disassembled one of the motors today to make sure the parts were all present and that everything was functioning. The motor does everything it’s supposed to successfully except for return values.

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Pictures of your setup will help. People can always find the problem faster this way.



These are the only pictures I currently have

What does the light on the back of each motor show?

To be honest I’m not completely sure I’ve ever seen them light up. I can test in a couple hours and come back here and say.

When you have the internal encoders on the back of the motor, it will have a small light around the center if everything is working.


I checked and tested them again today and no lights light up when using them. How can I fix this?

Did you replace one of the gears inside the motor with the striped gear?

make sure the cables are fully seated, they can be difficult to push into the encoders sometimes.
This is how they should look.

and the connector is in the correct place on the cortex.


Yes I disassembled the motor yesterday to check and make sure. The striped gear is in there and is in the right spot.

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I’ll check and make sure the wires are in correctly. I’ve learned where to put it in the cortex and how to daisy chain them. I never realized or knew that they were hard to connect all the way though.