Issues with motors

I have 4 high torque motors on my drive system, and for some reason it seems to lose power gradually when running until the motors stop running completely after 30 seconds, I can not move for a while but if i wait for about another 30 seconds it magically works again. It almost seems like the motors get tired and need to rest for 30 seconds. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

This is a bit vague of a description. Can you provide a few more specifics about your bot and activities? Can you show pictures or youtube a video?

What are the light patterns when you slow down or trip (if at all)?

Are these motors used in driving, lifting something heavy, or what? Are these 4 motors the only motors or only high strength motors?

What are the motor port distributions? Are you all in ports 1-5? (That shares the same circuit breaker. There’s a second breaker in ports 5-10. Suggest evening out the motors across ports lift split across both, left/right split across sides)

Do you have a power expander? (Again, don’t concentrate a set of motors of the same task in the power expander if you have issues like this)

Can you see anything in robot C debugger (if you are using that) to show the motors still have the power being sent to them you think they do (could be a programming thing)?

What voltage does the robotC debugger system variables say is the average voltage? (need to go to the expert menu for that)

Which type of battery do you use -the small 2000mAh or bigger 3000 mAh battery?

Is the battery bad? Have you tested the battery?

Have you swapped out the 2-3 wire converters to eliminate them?

Are you using bearings ( on the wheel shafts?

Basically what happens is that if there’s alot of friction the motors are up against then they can heat up and stall out. This can also happen if you use gear ratios without enough torque.

A common mistake when using the Bearing Flats is to put the pop rivets in backward. Make sure the head is on the side of the piece of metal and the “pop” portion sticks out the bearing flat. This will give it a tight fit. Then put your shaft through the center hole. This greatly reduces friction.

It’s also possible your battery is dead. If the robot light on your cortex or joystick is red then your battery is going (although the lights are different if you are using the competition switch so this might not be true in that case)

You might also want to do some googling on Vex PTC sensors which are what kill the current to the motors if they get to hot.

As previous mentioned, more specifics are needed… The Weight of your bot and Gear Ratios are important to know if you are pushing the motors too hard…

It definitely sounds like the Over Current PTC’s are activating.

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