Issues with motors

I have 4 high torque motors on my drive system, and for some reason it seems to loose power gradually when running until the motors stop running completely after 30 seconds, I can not move for a while but if i wait for about another 30 seconds it magically works again. It almost seems like the motors get tired and need to rest for 30 seconds. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Swather Robotics,

The Cortex has two thermal circuit breakers which avoid overheating of the motors.
It actually appears as if you were engaging the circuit breakers, when the circuit breaker activates the robot will be unresponsive, especially if you keep on trying to energize the motors; however, if you return the buttons on the Joystick to neutral position for about five seconds, then it will start running again… but just until the motors overload again.

The first breaker is in ports 1-5 and the second breaker is in ports 6-10.
Try connecting the drive motors in opposite breakers, like ports 2,3 & 7,8. This will ensure the load is spread evenly.

For further information please read the following:


Thank you very much!!! I will try it and report if it works or not

Runs well enough now, can last the length of the match without problems, thank you very much for the help!