Issues with PROS 3.2.1 Update

My team just updated to the latest version of PROS, but we’re running into several errors:

  1. Basic C++ files aren’t being found - the “cstdint” file isn’t being found, so anything that uses “std” (even in the source code) is creating errors.

  2. We have the latest version of Atom installed on our computer, but the Atom in PROS won’t update.

Any help on these two problems would be really great!


We noticed that cquery (a pros-editor dependency) was no longer available as their repository was recently archived and the project mothballed. Perhaps this is what is causing some of your issues?


We’re having the same issue right now. Do you know how we can fix it, please?

We did a little more experimentation and found that while we couldn’t transfer projects from the old to new version of PROS, we could create new projects that worked fine.

We’re just copy-pasting code from github into a new project and it seems to work, and with this season wrapping up, we don’t need most of the old code anyways.

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  1. While it is annoying, for the most part these linter errors can be ignored as long as your project is compiling correctly (PROS > Build project etc)
  2. Because of the way we rebrand and package Atom into our version (the PROS editor), it’s not trivial to update the Atom version (there have been a lot of build system issues on that front). So ultimately the answer here is that this is expected behavior.

@jmdev is correct that cquery is an old project and no longer being updated. We are working on moving away from Atom entirely in the near future, which should resolve a lot of these irritating issues once and for all.