Issues with PROS in VSCode for Windows

Hi all, I seem to be running into some problems while trying to use PROS for the first time. I’m using the VSCode extension on Windows, and it seems that I’m not alone in facing these issues, so any advice would help.

  1. Clicking the “create project” button doesn’t do anything. It opens a window where I select my project directory but nothing happens after that. I got around this by typing pros c n <ProjectName> v5 in the terminal though, but I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong.

  2. I can’t build the project- after I click “build project” there’s a building project message that stays there forever, never actually builds anything. I can’t upload either, and I think the issue is related to this.

Any advice would help a lot. Does anyone know (or know where to find) the terminal commands for building and uploading? I can’t seem to find them on the docs.

I had this same exact issues here’s the command line commands to build and upload.

pros build
pros upload

to do both at the same time use pros mu

Thank you! <20 characters>