Issues with pumping air into pneumatics reservoir

Hi, I am having trouble pumping air into the pneumatic reservoir using the supplied Schrader valve. Every time I pump air to like 100 psi, it drops to 40 psi when I remove the pump and re-measure immediately. Even pumping to 150 psi, it still drops to 70 psi. I’ve tried different pumps (even electric ones), different gauges and tried with a second reservoir but nothing seems to work. The issue seems to be that every time we detach the pump, a lot of air is leaking out from the reservoir. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on how to solve this?

well if you are losing 60 psi after taking off and putting back on that isn’t horrible but there are def some other ways, you don’t rlly need to put it on all the way before you pump.

There is a kind of technique associated with detaching the pump from the reservoir such that the least amount of air is lost. If done correctly you can loose less than 5 psi when disconnecting your pump. Additionally, you might want to make sure your pump connector and the schrader valve are in good condition (not getting stuck or slow to close allowing air to leak out).


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