Issues with safety glasses

Me and my team will be compeating in the state tournament at Batavia, IL. Next Saturday, and like any other team, we’ve been putting together supplies. We’ve ordered fancy T-shirts, put plently of supplies in portable toolboxes, packed plently of extra elastics and batteries, and we’ve been practicing like mad-men.

But there’s one problem, safety glasses. Everyone I ask tell me that they’re ment to fit over regular glasses, but when I tried them on over my own pair, they hardly stick on my face.

This may just be because I have overly stylish glasses, but it brings up the question: Do we have to use Vex Safety glasses? And if we don’t, what are some of the things that other teams have been wearing?

As long as they cover all of your eyes, then you should be fine. If the Vex ones don’t fit with your glasses on, you could look into getting those side shields that you can attach to your regular glasses. There is also some giant goggles that I see some people wear.

I personally use a pair of $7 safety glasses that I found at Home Depot that are shaded (actually, not shaded, more like really dark black) and can double as sunglasses. They look pretty neat.

You are not limited to using the VEX brand safety glasses… hit a nearby hardware store or industrial supply shop and check out the wide range of options designed to fit over prescription glasses. If you shop around you should be able to find some for less than five bucks.

Add some blinking LED’s to them for some extra awesomeness.


I think I have seen people wear these:
Unfortunately, they’re not cheap: $127 @ Amazon
They also probably obstruct the field of view, making driving more difficult.