Issues with the Gen2 Brain with Gen1 motors

Has anyone had issues using the gen1 motor along with the gen2 brain? What is happen with our robot is the gen1 motor will sometimes continually move even if we are not sending any input or touching the controller. Also if we cancel (hit X on the brain) the program, the motor still is going. For example, we have a gen1 motor controlling the ball picker that is controlled by a push of a button. This works fine normally, but every once in awhile, the motor will just go on its own and not stop. No buttons will stop it and canceling the program doesn’t help. We actually have to remove the battery to stop the motor.

If you can send the program you are using we can try and reproduce your specific issue. We are aware of some issues caused by intermittent cables and/or connections and will improve in the next vexos release. You may want to replace any cables that are damaged or have broken plastic retaining tabs.

generally restarting the program will cause the motor to stop if the cable is good.


Thank you! I’ve DMed you the program. I’ve checked all the cables and they are all new. No broken tabs or damaged cables

We’ve had similar issues. Just waiting to see if a new firmware update will help.