It won’t download, help pls

So, even when every cord is connected and should be downloading correctly, the computer is showing a “Failed to verify” message. I have tried switching cords, I have tried downloading it directly to the robot, I have restarted the cortex multiple times. I have restarted my computer, switched the USB port. I don’t know what to do. The message says “Failed to Verify that the serial link is connected to a Robot Controller. Cannot communicate with VEX Cortex SlaveCPU. Master CPU communication is working”

Have you tried a firmware update?

What are you using to program it?

Odd problem that sometimes happens.
Turn the Cortex on. Hold the configure button on it (with a paperclip or something) for about 10 seconds or so. Now, go to and download the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility. Connect your Cortex to the computer and update it. Now, go to RobotC (which is what I think you’re using) and manually update firmware for both the Cortex and the joystick. Next, link the two with an A-A cable. Finally, link with VEXnet keys. The end.