It would be nice to have a 3D model for the hero bot (Striker) like the field

Building off of the hero bot is the whole point of it, so it would be nice to have a file that we could open in a CAD program so that we could tinker with it. It might be easy or a cheat, but if you want to have a worlds-winner robot, then you would probably just create your own idea from scratch.

What do you guys think?

I think you can CAD the hero bot yourself.


Create your own idea from scratch. 90% of the time the hero bots suck. You can watch YouTube and see everybody is avoiding the hero bot and using a completely different strategy. I would say watch the Videos on some vex reveal and try use the strategies they use. Your going to better of doing that than building a hero bot that’s going to be out classed in August.


Yeah, I have noticed that. Thanks for the feedback!

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For a team that is starting out and doesn’t have much experience, they are awesome. They won’t be competitive on any scale, but it gives new teams something to start with. It seems like you are missing the point of why they exist in the first place.

This is what is really great about VEX. You can take a couple of third graders, give them a kit and a “hero” bot, and they can be driving in a couple of hours. They can compete by the end of the week. To make a system with such a high ceiling but also such a low floor is the power of the program.


Alright if your on vex forum’s you probably are on a competing vex team.
My answers are for competing vex teams not the 3 third graders.
I was telling the person to think of their own idea instead of relying on what vex has given you.


OP, who just joined the VEX Forum three days ago, is clearly considering working with the hero bot, so they probably don’t have a ton of experience. In that case, a hero bot could be a great place to start. All my students start with some kind of instructions to get a feel for the parts. You can build and tear it apart within a week and get a lot out of the process.


Right, that’s exactly what I was thinking!

And I am a competing team, however this is only my second year with VEX. I joined the forums for this question alone :sweat_smile: but I will stick with the forums because they seem like a great source for information. However, based on these responses, I suppose I’ll have to start to CAD from scratch (our coach requires a CAD before building)

You could use the official instructions made by Vex to either build it in Cad or in real life

This is the link if you want to use it

I already saw that, I meant a file to import into something like fusion before. But now I do realize that I can just start from scratch and it would probably be for the best.


Instead of building the hero bot, you may want to build this: VEX Over Under Robot Reveal: M-O - #2 by lettucejr
It is also pretty simple and low on materials, and teaches lots of good build habits. It has a cad model, but not instructions to build.


Yes! M-O was designed to be a starter bot for the masses that could serve as a better alternative to what VEX typically provides with their “hero bot” line.

It was also designed to teach novice VEX teams more higher level build practices like:

  • Box-bolting to improve torsional rigidity.
  • Screw shafts for wheel axles to provide increased bracing for the chassis.
  • Geared drivetrains to better understand how linking wheels can provide better stability under defense.
  • Some very basic introductions into polycarbonate work and how to potentially design and construct custom parts.