It's been 8 months

So, we placed an order for a full turning point field, parts, and v5 sets back in mid-August for the, at the time, upcoming season. It has been 8 months and we have yet to receive anything. It said somewhere that everything would be shipped out by April 15th but so far we have gotten no update. At this point, all we want is our v5 sets considering the parts we ordered and the field are now irrelevant. What do we do?

Seeing as the turning point season ended today, I would call VEX, give them your proof of purchase, and get them to send you a tower takeover field


It was funny, and I’ve seen less helpful things remain untouched.

I would agree that directly contacting Vex would be the right move, and then seeing what could be done to further benefit you, be it store credit, a refund, or a new TT field.


Yeah try and make them give you a Tower Takeover field. That would be the most honest solution given that you paid for a thing that’s taken so long to receive that it became obsolete.


Regarding your V5 orders, again I would reach out to VEX again. They recently reinstated V5 orders from a new production batch, so I’d imagine you’d be able to get shipped components from that.

It really sucks for y’all though. Having to wait 8 months on an order is frankly unacceptable, but tbh the V5 rollout was very poorly organized. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that at least one order slipped through the cracks.