I have about 40 dollars to spend on itunes (music only) any suggestions

It depends… ( Like everything else in life… )

Do you not, have any favorite music or music styles???

Buying Music, is a direct indication that you like a particular artist’s work, and wish to encourage them to continue producing more…

If you have a song or two or three, that you listen to frequently, and that you might have acquired, in some way, you might want to buy it on iTunes, just to Encourage the Artist(s)…

In my case, I like some Classical Music, and Jazz and Blues, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s Pop Music, Some Independent Artists (like Ingrid Michaelson’s, Soldier, Locked Up and Maybe and Desiree’ Bassett. ( Desiree’ is “scary good”, and has been playing Guitar for most all her life, see a sample of 15 year old Desiree’ playing. ) and Strangely enough, some Techno, like O-Zone,'s “Dragostea din tei” ( English Version )