ITZ High Scores and Guaranteed Victories

I posted in an earlier thread that the theoretical high skills score is 232 (for driver OR programming), but what score is required to guarantee a victory?

The highest alliance score is 80 cones, 1 20 pt goal, 3 10 pt goals, 10 pt auto bonus, 2 pt parking bonus, and 4 5pt high stack bonuses, or 242 points. Even with no cones, the opposing alliance can score at least 1 20 pt goal and 3 10 pt goals, 4 stack bonuses, parking, and auto, which is 82 points. Assuming you do the same, minus the auto and stack bonuses, you have 52 points, and you need to score 56 cones for a guaranteed victory, meaning that scoring 164 points is a guaranteed victory.

Ways to guarantee a victory (score 164 points)
Auto+20pt goal+3 10pt goals+51 cones+park
Auto+5pt goal+Highest 5pt stack+72 cones
20pt goal+2 10pt goals+5 pt goal+4 stack bonuses+50 cones

I’m interested in these guaranteed winning scores. I think I’ll programmatically generate every winning combination, and post them here

Actually 239 points.

  • Both robots can get parking bonuses, so 2 × 2 points instead of 1 × 2 points
  • You can’t get the highest stack in the 5 point zone without having a mobile goal there (so you must settle for either 5 points for scoring the goal + 5 points for highest stack or 10 points for scoring the goal; same score either way)

So minimum score of 120 to guarantee victory.

To guarantee this victory, regardless of the caliber of your opponents, the easiest way is probably 1 Mobile Goal in 20 Point Zone + 3 Mobile Goals in 10 Point Zone + 35 Stacked Cones. That way you don’t have to worry about highest stack bonuses or the autonomous bonus that are both highly dependent on caliber of opponents

Ah, I missed that, but the required score for guaranteed victory would be 161 points.

If you score 120 points through auto, 50 points of goals, and 30 cones, opponents can get 50 points of goals, and 100 points through 50 cones, beating you 120-150.

Shouldn’t this be higher. Getting half of the maximum alliance score doesn’t guarantee victory. I calculated it should be around 148 points.

Actual scoring of match:

  • 1 20 point zone
  • 3 10 point zone
  • Highest stacks in 20, 10, and standing goal
  • Auton bonus
  • 2 parked robots
  • 33 cones
  • Total Score: 145
  • 1 20 point zone
  • 3 10 point zone
  • 2 parked robots
  • 47 cones
  • Total Score: 148

Woops; I’m too used to the scoring of Starstruck…

Minimum score is 146. See attachment (blue represents guaranteed victory). VRC Hub still has some bugs; see attachment.