ITZ Lift Ideas

Since its been a couple of days(almost a week), what are people thinking for a lift? I have been think of either doing a DR4B or DR6B. Also, what are some ideas for intakes? I have been personally thinking of a modified claw. Any feedback or ideas would great!

I am planning to go for a DOuble Reverse Four Bar as my lift. I will have four motors in the midsection of the lift.

DR4B is probably all you’ll need, I don’t think the stacks will be high enough for a DR6B.

yeah… If you’ve seen team 202’s reveal on a ITZ bot in 24 hrs, their lift is a DR6B, which I feel as an overkill for a lift.

We’re thinking a simple Double Reverse Four Bar (geared 1:7) with four motors in the middle, and tensioned for speed. Also a one or two motor claw that form-fits to the cone. If there are extra motors you could use them for a turbo base, since speed is a big thing with an open field.

Does anyone where a good double reverse 4 bar can be found ir a video of one. Ive been looking around for different motor layout, but some help on some videos would be great.

The point is that it goes straight up and down, which makes it easier to stack. This link has some great examples.

For the strategy where you load cones on to a mobile goal that you carry, the arm needs to be able to move to and from the goal you carry as well as up and down. I cannot find a lift that can do this without flipping the cone over or needing large amounts of motors (less than 9). Any ideas?

You could attach your intake to a swing arm or a linear slide.

Look up chain bar lifts. It has the same capabilities as a 4 or 6 bar but can go behind its pivot point. As posted, the way 62 used theirs is what I mean. Be aware of how to pick a cone up if it is on it’s side.

Thanks, this is the kind of idea I was looking for. I was looking for more of a linear motion, but this would work well too. My only concern is that this might limit manipulation of the cones or the height of the arm.

Wait, I was thinking about a design where a chain bar lift could be mounted on a linear slide. How many motors do you think the chain bar lift would take at minimum? (Not for picking up goals)

you only need 1 for the pivot joint, say you are doing a dr4b, that need 4 motors
so a total of 5 motors

Who says you need 4 motors for a rd4b, we discussed in another thread that you omly need two, and with 4 your gear ratio would be so insane that it would be faster than 1:1

I think for the lift, that the way to go is a 6 bar lift. Very simple, yet effective, as the manipulator/ intake an be easily attached, and kept parallel to the ground.

As of the intake design, I’m stuck. There are multiple designs I’ve seen, but with one problem: not being able to pick up a mobile goal.

I defenitiy think a rd4b is the way to go, stacking is going to be much harder if your lift is always a different distance from the stack

If you need something to help calculate your gear ratios. You can use this. We used it during Starstruck when comparing HS 1:5 or Turbo 1:7.