ITZ Maximum Stack Height

As Karthik noted at the game reveal, there is no height limit on this game. I did a calculation for the height of an 80 cone stack on a pylon, and it was ~19’ tall. Thus, there’s a practical height limit of ~22’ on this game; there’s no reason to go higher. But I doubt we will ever see an 80 cones stack, if nothing else, 12 of the cones are driver loads for the opposing alliance, and it’s unlikely that the opposing alliance would conveniently drop all 12 of the cones for you to pick them up. However, what will the highest stack be? I’d put money on upwards of 20, with the average stack height being ~15.

You’ll also have to look at how high a stack can be and still be stable.

Want to know how did you get 20" as max height

That’s true. I’ll make some inferences to the boundaries of the maximum stack height.

There are 12 driver loads, so the highest stack will be 12 or more. Assuming that each side can score just as efficiently, each side will end up with 40 cones, so the maximum stack height will be less than or equal to 40.

20’ (feet), not 20" (inches).

Theoretically I believe the goals can be able to handle 15-20 before the cones fall over. Each cone is about a quarter pound, and the mobile goal is about 3.5 pounds. Usually I’d like the center of mass to be around less than 1/4 the height of the stack before anything else, and I believe that any higher will easily have tippage or skewing a direction. If the center of mass is around 1/3-1/2 the height, most probably the cones will fall easily by a simple bump.

sorry, my bad

wait, do you think the average stack height will be 15’ or 15’’?

15 cones.

Just another example of why units are important

Furlongs. 15 furlongs.

That’s almost 2 miles…

The ceiling is lower than 20 ft. at some of the competitions I’ve went to. Would be funny to see the field reset if someone built a stack lie that though

The thing is that will prevent these insanely high stacks is (1) most robots won’t be able to reach it, and (2) teams are not incentivized to have the highest stack, they are incentivized to have more higher stacks than the other alliance. This distinction will prevent the enormous stacks you predict. I suspect that you should only need to reach around 13-20 cones into the air, not like 40

It would be funny to see a stationary goal fall over and rip up the tiles from a 40 cone stack though.

Rip audience

It’s super funny until a broken goal stack almost* costs a world championship title, I really hope the stationary goal is stable and durable: *(Blue went on to win the last two matches of that round and won Worlds that year)

8k where are you?

For reference, every cone you add adds 2.75 inches to the height. I expect to see 20 cone stacks, but not much taller than that.

I guess my definition of funny is kinda dark. But I really hope the tiles could hold up to a 20 cone stack, because I think one little bump and it would probably lean pretty easily. Those base plates are heavy, but are relatively narrow.