ITZ plunger intake! With semi tutorial!

That’s how it’s done

I suggest you mount your cone adjuster lower down so that it positions the cone at its widest part which prevents it from snagging as you lift the arm.

Maybe a release trigger for the cone on the intake stage.

That looks familiar. Nice work.


@antichamber Awesome Design!! Does it pick up fallen cones?

are you worried that it will run out of air mid match?

As what I see it uses rubber bands to hold the cones in passively and uses air to release for a short amount of time. Another thing is that it’s only one cylinder so I think it should, in theory, have more than enough actuations to survive a match if built efficiently enough.


Noobish question, but does your dr4b have only motors on the towers? Most examples I’ve seen of dr4b’s have motors on the ‘gear part’ of the lift. Sorry I don’t know the exact terminology for those types of lifts. I’m learning about them and would like to know.

Both are used and are viable options. Some examples of both are shown in this post

Thank you