ITZ VEX Qualifying Criteria document posted

For those interested in space allotments for VRC
VRC Qualifying Criteria

Thanks for posting!

I guess a big question for teams wanting to qualify via the skills route (or to try and fall back to it if they lose state or regionals) would be, what will be the eventual cutoff score (aka the #35-highest score in the world) for skills qualification? We can only estimate with significant uncertainty at this point. My guess is that the eventual cutoff score will be around 170 to 190 combined, with my bet on a score closer to or exceeding 190.

Considering that simply scoring all mogos gets 100 points in each skills round, I can imagine scores of 200+ towards late season.

8 mobile goals and >50 cones in 60 seconds? That seems high

I think 200 + was combined.

Oh, that makes more sense

I was guessing the cutoff for HS would be around 220 -230. Only mogo won’t be enough but obviously will be a necessary.

If teams can use both sets of matchloads, then I think the cutoff will be around 315 combined.

Getting all the mobile goals seems like it will be extremely hard in programming skills, and all that driving around takes a while in driver skills (thus limiting cone scoring time). I’d put the cutoff no higher than 200, but we’ll see when the time rolls around. :slight_smile: Obviously some teams will reach higher.