I've tried a few ways but how could you use the brain to access the web through code?

I’ve tried a few ways (I code in python) but to no avail i’ve tried the webbrowser import but vex does not have it could we use our internet hivemind to find the solution

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The brain does not have WiFi or any networks stacks. There is no way to access the internet from a V5 brain.




well obviously if you want to use a bridge you can.


An app for iOS and Android is in development that allows remote viewing and control of the V5 Brain’s screen. This greatly extends the usefulness of dashboards by allowing viewing while testing and practicing. The app will additionally turn your phone into a sensor, allowing your robot access to time and date, GPS location, gyro and accelerometers, and the ability to Tweet.


This app sounds very useful for testing - looking forward to its release!


I see the trolls are back. Not sure what the point of quoting marketing material from 5 years ago adds to this discussion.

There was an app in development, several months of proof of concept work was done, however, priorities changed, one of the developers left the company and we ran into some significant technical issues. Therefore our plans changed.


but through vexcode v5 online you can conect to your brain through the web so it can connect to internet

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The online version of VEXcode uses web serial to connect to the brain. You could certainly write an alternative web site and connect to the user serial port to send commands back and forth. We actually did something like that to test all of the tournament manager functionality we used at worlds this year. However, you would need to create a solution like that yourself.


What about BTT SD/TF Cloud?

Its open source: GitHub - bigtreetech/BTT-SD-TF-Cloud-V1.0: BTT SD/TF Cloud V1.0 is launched by the 3D printing team of ShenZhen BigTree Technology CO.,LTD ., which is a module for wireless file transmission between the master computer and the 3D printer, so that you can get rid of the constraint of plugging SD card.