Jammed Slide

Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent the sliding mechanism of the linear punch from jamming. In the front as seen in the image below

Also I have the back of the C-channel caving in there is a slant from the front to the back. Is there a way to make it parallel to the slider? I was thinking of adding another slider however it gets impeded by screws connecting the linear slide to the larger base C-Channel.

I would suggest that you use a rope at the back of the launcher to limit how far it can go. Also try to avoid using two sliders as they will become misaligned and create a ton of friction.

what do you mean by this. A better photo would help.

2Z and 2R both double the green sliders :slight_smile:

It just takes a bit more care to get them friction free, like with flywheels.

Um, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but it looks like the slide is being jammed because of the black spacer at the front. It appears the standoff somehow managed to slide around to the side of the spacer and jam itself…

Is the large black spacer supposed to act as the “stopper” for the linear puncher and hold down the slide? If that’s the case, you might want to consider just screwing down the slide normally and making a physical stopper in front of it that’s attached to the c-channel.

I will post a picture of the final product, but I simply flipped the C-channel so that it sits flush keeping the linear slide from moving up and down.

I just used white nylon spacers to replace the standoffs that you see, this completely stops the problem of jamming

Thanks for the inspiraton

Happy to help.

What rope?

This rope.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that any ⅛" diameter nylon string is legal.

Oh I call the string from the winch and pulley not the “rope”. Sorry I got confused.

I think you are confused I did mean spacers

Samuel was talking about my comment to use “string/cord/rope”

I was talking about the rope not the spacers.
There were 2 conversations in this thread, and I was engaging in the other one.

I think mason string is legal and I do not remember the diameter.

According to <R7k> we are allowed an unlimited amount of 1/8" braided nylon rope.