JAR Template for VS code

Are there only plans for JAR Template to be added to Visual Code, since vex is closing Vex pros?

It should be pretty easy just to add the template source files yourself. Just download from github and add to a project.


can confirm, that my team programmer was able to use the jar in vs code rather easily, but I don’t recommend it as you lose out on QOL stuff like the motor menu and the like, we found that the vex code pro app still works just fine, and probably will for a while

They are? How come? I don’t understand and could you explain it why they are?

Not sure why but if you go to vex code it doesn’t have the option to download pros anymore.

Yes it works but it has stopped receiving updates, one problem I had was updating my vexOS on my brain.

Then just fix the errors?

they are switching over to using vs code as the main coding app due to it probably being easier to maintain over a whole app, Its not a massive change as all you loose is the motor menu i belive

Here’s some info on it Vexcode v5 Pro discontinued? - #2 by jpearman

They have discontinued updating VEXCode Pro, and are now switching over to the Visual Studio Code extension. Regular VEXCode (non-pro) still is receiving updates.