Jason's Turning Point Field Renders


Hi all,

It’s that time of the year again; The new game unveil means we need new renders.



Link to Google Drive

The link above includes folders for 8k, 4k, HD and 21:9 aspect ratio renders. I’ll be adding more renders as time passes, including individual object renders and scenes. The first new addition will be re-rendering these with a white carpet instead of the red one.

The renders were made using Blender 2.79 (which includes a new Denoising feature that speeds up render times by a factor of ten or more while retaining the quality you’d expect from a production render). I’m experimenting with different techniques for the field materials and lighting, so bear with me if certain things seem a bit off. The game objects in particular are a bit tricky since I don’t have any in person to use as reference yet.

I’d love some critique on these as well, and am willing to make new renders/scenes on request. Enjoy!


Nice! Cody would be proud of you.




Is good, many thanks.

Is there any chance of a version of the “Arena” with the alliance stations?


Thanks! His renders of past games are what inspired me to get into this. Renders are a fascinating addition to my huge list of hobbies.

I can try that out on the white carpet version. The issue is that the alliance tape seems out of place when applied to a surface like a carpet, so it may not look good. I’m also trying to get a flat floor/background version with different lighting (similar to my In The Zone renders) looking good, but I’m not quite there yet.



Looks great. Thanks for sharing!


Hi JM, I’d like your permission for using a render as a banner/backdrop for a Google Classroom for a (homeschool) VEX team (a total of 6 students, and likely their parents would see it). Excellent work!


Absolutely, thanks for asking!


Thank you! This is a great community contribution.


This is absolutely amazing


Hi jmmckinney,
Nice work on those renders! I would like your permission to use a render as background for a strategy board. Its a communication tool for game strategy that uses a whiteboard and magnets to replicate the game field layout.


@Shunkansen Sure, go ahead!


Can I use these renders to draw out our team’s driver and auton strategies? (it will be in our notebook)


For the sake of usage rights, I’m granting permission for use as reference material, maps, graphics, etc… as long as proper attribution to the author (me) is given. So you’re good to go as long as you give credit.


These are quite nice, and I thank you for sharing them. They are even better than the real thing, since the parking platforms are centered! (https://vexforum.com/t/parking-platforms-closer-to-blue/48523/1)