Java: CAD

A lot of teams have been asking us if we have this, and up until recently the answer was no. But now we do, so we’ll share it with everyone.

It’s a CAD-ed version of Java!
^Click on link, and then hit Ctrl+S to download.
Made in Autodesk Inventor 2012, but it’s a STEP file and should be viewable in any CAD program.

It’s only half of the robot (but the other half is symmetrical anyway), not coloured, and no descorer, but hopefully it’ll answer those questions about “how does your 4-bar work?” by letting you see the detail up close.

More information Java itself (with real life photos) is here:

Feel free to ask us any questions here, or more privately by the e-mail below.](

How did you pass the sizing inspection? It looks like it might have been a little over 18 inches high.

We had to do 2 things to fit within size.

One was, the tank treads each had a short section of high strength chain. In the starting configuration, this chain had to be around the top sprocket, giving us a slightly lower height than if tank tread (especially flaps) were in this position.

The second was, the treads had to be bent inwards and the arm lowered, so that the intake was right between the chassis. I don’t know, but I doubt the CAD allows you to do this because in CAD the parts don’t flex.
We had a physical limit on each side that latched into place after the arm was raised the first time, using hinges and rubber bands. So the arm started lower than the physical limit allowed after unfolding.

Another thing, I’m not sure what exact part of the robot looks too high on the CAD model, but that section of L-channel with the T-gusset on top were actually bent quite a lot. I guess this demonstrates one of the limitations of CAD…

Hope this answers your question