Jaw Coupling Power Take-off

Hello all! First time on the forum. My team, 81Y from VEXMEN, has an idea for a power takeoff system.

Essentially, unlike a transmission which shifts gearing or directs power to certain components, our power takeoff acts sort of like it would on a mower. Power to the wheels isn’t diverted to another mechanism, but rather power is sent to something else AS WELL. This enables us to design a very small and lightweight mechanism that adds extra power our lift in addition to drive train. We will be accomplishing this by cutting up the new 12 tooth HS gears and making jaw couplings out of them. Check it out:

What do you guys think? Is there a better way to go about this? I’m going for one motor operation and as light as possible with as little gearing as possible as to reduce friction loss.


Picture of the CAD model:

you could just as easily make a slip gear?
edit: ok i misunderstood what you wanted you could just add another gear on another axel, and when pneumatics actuates, it connects with the gear on the drive shaft thats always spinning there are videos online of this, its very simple to do

@9065_parker How would that help me? I’m trying to use my drivetrain to power a lift mechanism with as little as possible to save weight and loss due to friction. I’m confused :confused: I should also mentioned that the lift mechanism will also be used during the match as a blocker / star knocker, so it is independently powered, and it can’t be a stored energy solution, because we want to lift in auton and during the match.


Have you decided how you are going to convert the rotational movement of the shifter motor into linear motion to move the axle? The first two ways you could do this that come to my mind is a worm gear or a rack and pinion system.

I think you have a good design to start with, especially your CAD drawings and animations, but I think a power takeoff (PTO) is not necessarily the best way to transfer power in your situation. From what you described above, you only need the extra power to assist in lifting. Once you line up with the hanging post, I think you should take all the power from the wheels and transfer it to the lift since you don’t need to move from that place. Once auton is done, you can lower your robot from the post and shift all the base motors back to the base so you can drive around the field and score objects.

The system that I have suggested is more of a transmission, in that it only sends power to one component at once. I think that a PTO wastes motor power in comparison to a transmission because you don’t need the base’s wheels spinning as you lift. Maybe with a few tweaks, you could use your PTO CAD model and create a new CAD model that is more similar to a transmission.

Good Luck and feel free to share your thoughts!