Jerky motion when driving

Our robot is not driving smoothly, we added the coast mode to the motors but the drive base is still very jerky is there is a better way to this.

Build a better quality robot. It is usually building quality issue.

A picture would help.

Actually… sometimes it has got to do with the driving style, e,g, do you push the joystick hard?

And maybe adding a speed or motion profile might help.


Possibly. Someone not used to how sensitive these bots can be.

Possible problems.

Build quality. Picture would help.

Programming. I know one time I had two conflicting commands and it made a motor spaz out, jittering every time I tried to move it.

Just driver practice. These robots even at 200RPM are pretty speedy, and to untrained hands can feel hard to drive. There are some coding items you can do to help.

It’s a little hard to tell, if you can elaborate on the issue more it would help. Pictures and videos are even better.


Most likely a driving problem. I recommend putting the speed down to 50% and then slowly increasing it until ur used to it

i would reccomend lowering the velocities in your driver code

You could try adding slew control to your drive code so it doesn’t accelerate and decelerate too quickly.

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thank you responses. It is driving issue added to speed.