Jetson not getting power

I have the 3pins connected to the barrel connector, but the led doesn’t light up and the fan doesn’t turn on. I followed the instructions on the website for turning it on, and the jetson itself seems fine because I was able to turn it on with another microusb. Could having an outdated brain be the issue?

Make sure the jumper is installed, see the getting started guide.


Yeah it should be to the left, right? Or is there something more special

It’s a jumper, it connects the two pins together.

Then make sure the plugs are pushed all the way into the V5,


20201010_224756 !

Like this? (second image coming)


I believe this is the jumper James is referring to:

Also I see you are using a V5 beta brain; in case you didn’t know, those are not legal for competition use.

Edit: I also see that the so-dimm slot that the compute module slots into is broken/cracked in the pic I linked, which is… concerning


Yeah I put that jumper to the left.

I’m a bit confused; there are only two pins. If you moved the jumper to the left of where it is pictured then you will be disconnecting one of the pins, which will not work. Can you post a picture of how you have configured the jumper?

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Honestly I dont know how they call the thing in the tutorial a jumper, are you talking about a jumper cable or the thing in the picture?

This is a jumper:

Jumpers connect two pins together so that electricity can flow from one pin to another. As your jumper is configured, it is connected to only one pin, which means that electricity cannot flow between the pins. Please connect your jumper as it is pictured in the knowledgebase picture that I sent originally, such that it is connected to both pins.


I don’t know who took that picture, but yea, broken socket is not good.


oh my god i just realized you could remove this thing, I get why this is a jumper now

That’s the jumper, and you have it disconnected, typically it gets stored by just placing on one pin like that and is how the Jetson will come from nvidia.