Jig and Allignment Tools

What are the rulings in vex on using a jig or other allignment tools for game and autonomous/driver skills? I feel like I read something about it last year but after skimming through the manuals I couldn’t find anything prohibiting or allowing the use of these.

I don’t think your allowed to have them because they would be a non-vex part touching the field. You can’t have anything drop off your robot either.

Actually, there is no rule prohibiting this in Sack Attack, whereas there has been in previous years, therefore it is legal.

I actually used a template to position my robot before the start of the match at the Asia Pacific competition.

You can refer to this Q&A thread for confirmation:

thanks everyone.

telemascope, I noticed the thread said it was okay for the start of the match. is it legal in auto skills after the start? say 30 seconds in my robot comes back to base and i use the tool to realign it. what would be the ruling there?

I’m almost certain that would be illegal as it would be introducing a non-vex part into the field.

You can always find Karthik at worlds and ask him though if you want to make sure.

What if the jig was made from vex aluminum?

If it was made of vex parts AND permanently attached to the robot AND using it didn’t require illegal repositioning of the robot then it would be legal.

You aren’t allowed to introduce parts into the field, whether they are Vex parts or not.

(Remember that none of these rulings are official, it’s just how I’m interpreting the rules.)

I was wrong. I guess I hadn’t checked for any news on this since Gateway, and just assumed the rule carried over. Sorry.

what is the specific ruling that you are interpreting here?

The last game manual that illegalized alignment devices was Clean Sweep. Round Up, Gateway, and Sack Attack did not mention them.

Round Up did mention it, but Gateway and Sack Attack didn’t…

EDIT: oops. Just realized how old this thread was. :\ sorry.