Job suggestions for team members

I am the coach/mentor for 2 middle school teams and 2 high school teams. I have had enough interest from the high school kids to have another team, but I am not sure they would mix well together. My question is… does anyone have any other suggestions for jobs that a student could do to be part of the group, but not necessarily be on a team.

I have thought about :
media manager - working to create pics and videos.
social media manger - upload match videos and pictures
Digital editor

Any other suggestions of advice? I hate to leave a few of them out, but if I have to I have to.

Thanks in advance
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One position I can think of is someone who is able to help teams out with building or programming. If the students are new to robotics, this can allow them to learn more about robotics so they have enough knowledge to be on a team the following year, while still being able to contribute to the success of the club’s teams.
At the same time though, it may actually be worthwhile to have students who generally would not “mix together” be on the same team, because that will make it necessary for them to find a way to get along. Though it may not produce the best robotics team in the first year, it would teach students how to work with people who may not be an ideal partner. This lesson can be very valuable in a professional environment. This was actually my first year in VEX, and the team I ended up joining was nowhere near an ideal grouping. However, the lessons I learned about myself, both from an engineering and personal standpoint, were more valuable than any excellence award could have been.

If you are looking for a position that the person does not necessarily interact with the robot much there is one big one. SCOUTER every team needs to scout at one time or another and i usually send some of my guys off to do it but i would love to have a person focused on it.

I definitely agree with this. If you want scouting to be done well, you need to have someone whose role at competition is purely scouting. It’s probably best to have at least 2 people scouting, so less things are missed.

My School’s club has a hierarchy as follows:

CEO: In charge of club, like team captain, manages all team numbers
CFO: In charge of club funds, and deals with payments
Shop Head: In charge of organizing and cleaning the shop.
Competition Coordinator: In charge of signing us up for comps, and setting up our school’s comp
Secretary: Keeps track of weekly meetings
Head Scout: Head of Scouting
Technology Manager: Manager of Programming, Knows how to RobotC
Webmaster: Makes website, ETC
Safety Manager: Responsible for tool safety
Photographer & Publicity Master: In charge of taking pictures and making announcements at weekly assemblies.
Rulemaster: Makes sure teams know the rules before competitions.

I really like that setup! We could use lots of that here.

I had one kid this year that was so excited to “The Spy”. He went around and took notes on all robots and did some basic stats on types of lifts and stuff. He is the main one I want to keep so I am glad to see you talking about scouting.

Thanks All!

Another possible idea is to have someone in charge of doing and submitting online challenges. Their entire job is focused on doing online challenges. Have them learn Autodesk CAD software and create parts, have them create inspire and promote videos, things like that. :slight_smile:

Part Czar is something they could do too. But two teams may not be enough to warrant that. Budget management too. Get them registering for events, updating the website, etc.

I like the CAD idea and the online challenge builder. We always never have enough time for a proper challenge build.

When you are always trying to improve the robot or get it ready for the next competition, there never seems to be enough time to do anything that is not directly related to the robot’s performance. Having someone dedicated just to non-robot stuff such as the online challenges like Joanna Grider & Team80_Giraffes suggested sounds nice. They could also apply for grants, work on sponsorships, or do other fundraising stuff.

Just wondering, how would this work in a club with multiple teams? Would each team need to pick someone to do this, since some of the online challenges can qualify teams for worlds.