Johnson Space Center Robotics Challenge

Hello, others! I’ve came to announce something that may possibly be incredibly important to my future and the future of our VEX team. Just recently, I’ve been invited to a challenge at the Johnson Space Center, in which there will be 30 people out of 500 who got invited that will be accepted into the program. I, fortunately, was that 6% of the people who have been accepted. I may be wrong, but the basic concept is that the 30 people will be divided into teams, they will be given parts from any organization (VEX, for example) and build a robot that can survive on Mars. “So? What’s the big deal?” Well… The big deal is that NASA will be putting $1 million in stake that will be distributed upon the team members of the team that won. This money that if received I am planning on something really important planned in the near future hopefully starting next years’ school. Tomorrow is when the challenge starts, and it will last around 5 hours. I will hopefully be doing my first vlog ever, which will be of this event if you guys want to be updated about it. Wish me luck! (By the way I may be having an important announcement as well when the school year starts)

Sounds cool. Good luck!

Sounds like a really good time! hope you do good!

That is really good man. Good luck!!!