Join the Alliance!

If you practice in a Garage, a Basement or a Barn, you are part of the GBB Alliance.
What do you do next is up to you, but if I was you, I would make your way over to the 5509B VHS Knights pit in high school and get an exclusive sticker. There are not many left.
After you put it on your robot or travel case or whatever (keep it classy people) show it off #gbb_alliance


It’s a cool idea though we are a school based team

But do you practice in a Garage, Basement or Barn?

I sometimes take stuff home to my basement to work on, but I’m not at Worlds. (:cry:)

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I don’t have a basement or a barn and if I touch the garage it’s instant death.

@Xenon27 it’s not worth dying for.
@Got_a_Screw_Loose print out a picture and grab some shipping tape to make the at home version.

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